Worship on the Lawn

NOTICE: Every Sunday, worship will be live-streamed on the  Fresno CRC YouTube channel. Anyone who is at increased risk should continue staying home and worshiping with us using that live-stream, since gathering in any way does carry some risk. 

For those who would prefer to gather in person:

- Bring a lawn chair, picnic blanket, shade, etc., if you have them. We have some chairs and shades available.

- There will be large circles of various sizes painted on the lawn. Pick one for your household, and stay there during worship.

- After worship, once you leave your circle, it will be important to head home, rather than hanging around for dispersed fellowship.

We've made certain choices (gathering outside, providing painted indications of 6-foot distance on the lawn, and not lingering afterward) so that we can focus on observing a small number of guidelines well and otherwise feel free to worship as we see fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will we be observing physical distancing?

There are circles of different sizes painted on the church lawn, each with about 6’ of distance from other circles. Find one that fits your family size, and set up your chairs and shade there. Children must stay with their families, and the playground is closed per health department guidelines. Don't linger outside the circles before or after worship, and do not shake hands, hug, or touch others.

What if my kids get wiggly?

Don't worry! We're worshiping outdoors, so we all expect that worship will a little more casual than normal. If a child does need to get up and burn off a little bit of energy, Nan is prepared to take children, one household at a time, to a wiggle zone where they can do so. If a parent needs to rock a young child, some rocking chairs will be set up in the shade.

How will we celebrate the Lord’s Supper?

We will be serving the Lord’s Supper picnic-style. The bread and juice will be served with care from baskets and trays. Imagine what it was like to be one of the 5,000 when Jesus taught them and served them from miraculous food from baskets as they were seated on the grass.

Will we be singing?

As churches begin gathering inside their buildings, the health department has recommended that group singing be discontinued. If singing must occur, the health department has recommended doing it outdoors. This is one major reason why we have decided to meet on the lawn. The council was convinced that singing even a few short songs was essential, so we will be doing that on the lawn with physical distancing.

What about face coverings?

Face coverings are encouraged for groups that are meeting outdoors, per health department guidelines. (Face coverings are required to enter buildings, per the City of Fresno Emergency Order.)

Will the buildings be open?

No, other than for using the restrooms, the church buildings are closed.