Our Mission

Growing closer together as we grow closer to God through worship, fellowship, and service.

"Going through life together."

We recognize that everyone comes to this church to be a part of a congregation, and that we all come from different vocations, locations, and backgrounds.  We have chosen to come together to experience the pilgrimage we all take on earth.  As Christians, we also recognize our duty to minister to others.  Part of "going through life together" is supporting each other in our individual and group ministries, wherever they may take us.  We learn from each other, we support each other, and we love each other.  In doing so we leave the confines of the church walls and the community, so that we may be equipped and supported to serve as a light in communities we are a part of everyday.  We are Christians who have chosen to "go through life together.

What is Christian Reformed?

We are part of a denomination called the Christian Reformed Church (CRC)

We are Christian because we are redeemed by Jesus Christ and we seek to follow him.  

We are Reformed because we continually re-shape our teachings and life-style according to God's Word

We are a Church because we are part of the body of Christ.  

For more information about our denomination visit this website: